Oscar Nemon – Frink School link

Another historical link to the The Frink School of Sculpture is the sculptor Oscar Nemon.  Rosemary Barnett, Frink School Founder and Director, was once apprentice to Nemon. The website is worthy of a look, and Oscar Nemon’s daughter Aurelia Young regularly lectures on her father’s life and work. There is a forthcoming talk in Hampshire on 23rd June 2011 – or see http://www.oscarnemon.org.uk for other announcements. 
A seated statue of Sigmund Freud by Oscar Nemon is now in a prominent position on Fitzjohn’s Avenue, London. Nemon’s bronzes of Sir Winston Churchill are now to be found in Bletchley Park, Chartwell, Churchill College Cambridge, the Cabinet War Rooms, The Guildhall, and the Houses of Parliament in London, St. Margaret’s Bay, Dover, in Westerham, Kent, at Windsor Palace, in Brussels, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Paris, Zagreb, Israel, Quebec, Toronto, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Kansas City, Hyde Park, New York State, Canberra and Mexico City.