Can YOU name a new landmark?

A new sculpture sits on the course of the former A3 separating the National Trust’s Hindhead Common and Devil’s Punch Bowl, GU26 6AB, following a snowy launch on 23rd March. During the course of the final 10 days working, lots of words started to come to me but none quite seemed to fit a final […]

A newly discovered Roman Sculpture – the Fittleworth Iphigenia

This newly published paper tells the intriguing story of an important, newly discovered Roman sculpture. Click here to open (it is a 1mb file so may take a few seconds to access the archive); scroll down past the frontispiece page 1 to access the text and images on pages 2-8. A New Sculpture of Iphigenia […]

A contemporary search for Petworth Marble (or Winklestone)

In the early 1800s, Petworth Marble rivalled many of the stones which were routinely imported from the continent, in both beauty and quality. A kind of shell marble occurring in the Wealden clay at Petworth, its quarrying was concentrated on the Egremont estate at Kirdford and there are accounts of industry at Plaistow. Also called […]

Leonora Carrington on intellectualising art

It is sad to hear Leonora Carrington has died aged 94. Her¬†recent sculpture¬†(in the link, seen here in the exhibition which she lived long enough to see open), is seemingly interpreted from the imagery of her earlier paintings. For me, it does not have the power of her two-dimensional work or earliest sculpture. Nevertheless, for […]

Smooth, yet not complete

One perennial issue with clay sculpture seems to be the pre-occupation with the smooth – perhaps aimed at some form of ‘finish’ – with less attention to the completeness of the sculptural form or plane, by which I mean where the surface should attempt to be visually consistent –¬†read as one – in whatever texture […]

How to Make a Difference

An¬†article by Fran Monks after an interview conducted with Jon Edgar during the Chawton ‘Sculpture in the Wilderness’ ¬†exhibition, 2010.

Sussex Life – A Life in Sculpture

This reproduced article from Sussex Life magazine accompanied the 12 week Worthing Museum and Art Gallery exhibition; March-June 2010. Published in May 2010. Sussex Life May 2010 article

Memory and Desire Film

Possibly the only time I’m ever going to appear in a principal cast list after Nick Rhodes… The sitting took place in North London in 2008 following an approach from the artist. This is the second of two bronzes created from the terracotta original.

Portrait Sculpture – a neglected form?

see here: ‘Jackdaw article Dec 2009 ‚ÄėPortrait Sculpture ‚Äď A neglected form?‚Äô for subscriptions to this publication for the visual arts:¬†

Alan Thornhill – Thoughts on the Aesthetic Experience and On Creativity (2008)

Techniques The most important techniques are those devised by the individual for dealing with self consciousness, dominant intentionality, insidious predisposition toward the familiar and the nameable, fear of failure, dependence on achieving acceptable results, all of which undermine and debilitate the process. Originality Originality consists in authenticity; is work which originates from inside the maker, […]

notes on Fittleworth

Fittleworth seems remarkably rich in its broad cultural connections for a parish so small and sleepy. Around 1199 there is mention of a bridge crossing the River Rother close to Ernulf the Fisherman‚Äôs land. As a congregating point, an inn came into existence.¬†The Swan¬†maintains it has been serving ale in the same inn since 1382.¬†More […]