A newly discovered Roman Sculpture – the Fittleworth Iphigenia

This newly published paper tells the intriguing story of an important, newly discovered Roman sculpture. Click here to open (it is a 1mb file so may take a few seconds to access the archive); scroll down past the frontispiece page 1 to access the text and images on pages 2-8. A New Sculpture of Iphigenia […]

Dick Barton, the mapping of South Georgia… and a solitude experiment

In 1951¬†Duncan Carse,¬†the voice of ‘Dick Barton – Special Agent’, a BBC serial thriller with a huge daily audience, abruptly gave up his radio acting career to lead a six-man private Antarctic expedition during 1951-52 that planned to make the first accurate map of South Georgia. It failed to achieve this, but Carse organised a […]

notes on Fittleworth

Fittleworth seems remarkably rich in its broad cultural connections for a parish so small and sleepy. Around 1199 there is mention of a bridge crossing the River Rother close to Ernulf the Fisherman‚Äôs land. As a congregating point, an inn came into existence.¬†The Swan¬†maintains it has been serving ale in the same inn since 1382.¬†More […]