2023 – @thejonedgar Instagram

After abandonment of all social media during lockdown and appreciating the removal of feeling it is running ones life, I’ve re-instituted Instagram as an archive of images and which also allows easier direct contact.

2022/3 – Art Society Heads Up! project

90 children in Y5 and 6; three schools. Developing the Bury project of 2021 further and deeper with schools in West Sussex. Two schools completed the sessions (individual heads and a communal lifesize head worked on by all pupils) in Autumn ’22 and one goes in Spring ’23.

2021 – Communal Head project

Bury School West Sussex funded by Young Arts charity intro assembly + 2 mornings with Y5/6 students working from publically-known sitter; communally-rendered life-sized head in clay whilst children were also working on their own individual smaller heads. Terracotta head will be presented back to school once hollowed, fired and mounted.

2020 – teaching programmed

Observational courses at West Dean – 1 day (hands and feet) at end of October and 3 day portraiture in the New Year.

The naming of the sculpture on the South Downs at Slindon

The sculpture at Slindon will be unveiled on 17th February 2016 at noon. The National Trust’s Rise of Northwood – the replanting of the majority of a historic woodland lost in the first and second world wars – was made possible by a bequest from John Springthorpe Hunt, who loved the South Downs. An unplanned […]

new block at Slindon

The National Trust ‘Rise of Northwood’ will see a new commemorative marker emerging as the replanting begins. See http://slindonsculpture.wordpress.com for diary/archive of sculptor’s progress.

update – Pulborough block

Still working a day a week at RH20 2EL until November 2014. Several cash pledges have already been made to the stone staying in the Arun Valley area.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

exhibition moves to YSP 14 Sept – 3 November; include a public portrait sitting 31 Oct/1st November and a portrait teaching date on 2nd November